What is the best way to discover a new sustainable energy provider in Australia?

Many of Powershop Australia’s 185,000 customers have supposedly pondered leaving since international energy behemoth Royal Dutch Shell came into Australia’s domestic electricity sector by acquiring our greenest power supplier, Powershop Australia. Kane Parlby, 22 years old, is one of them.

“I feel cheated,” Parlby says to the Guardian Australia. “Customers chose to pay extra for Powershop in order to ensure that we receive cleaner electricity.” Then to be purchased by one of the world’s top emitters of fossil fuels is… munted.”

According to Greenpeace’s head of research and investigations, Dr. Nikola Casule, customer dissatisfaction stems from a “serious gap” between Powershop’s image and “where customers’ money will now wind up.” The most current Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, released in 2018, ranks Powershop first. “It is determined by a number of things, including the intensity of emissions and support for aggressive climate change policies,” Casule explained.

“As a result, many consumers who wished to go with renewable energy sources chose Powershop because of their green credentials.” While some, like Casule, perceive Shell’s acquisition of Powershop as a “greenwash shield,” others, like Jesse Lawson, Canstar Blue’s product manager for utilities, see it as Shell “moving towards a more renewable space.” “We need to see these corporations take action because it is their actions that will create change across the industry,” Lawson says.

Parlby, for example, has a lot to consider. “I’m not going to a huge energy firm if I know they’re investing in fossil fuel projects,” adds Parlby. “It’s also tough to locate a clean provider who can give both gas and electricity.” As a young person, I must consider my budget as well, but I do not want to jeopardize my morals. I want to maintain making environmentally mindful choices.”

Finding another clean power firm that ticks all the boxes in the wake of Powershop’s takeover may seem like an impossible task. When it comes to switching to a new sustainable energy source, Casule says there are “a few distinct aspects” that Australians should think about, according to Casule.

Casule explains the three different sorts of electricity merchants available to us. “Gentailers (a mix of generators and sellers) include behemoths such as AGL, Shell, and Origin.” According to Casule, these energy powerhouses are “terrible with climate.”

“Then there are several retailers who source as close to 100 percent renewable sources as possible.” And then there are the intermediary corporations, which are mainly profit-driven retailers.” Comparing your budget to your climate priorities and finding whether a retailer’s parent firm engages in the fossil fuel extraction are all things to consider while researching each option. “I believe Powershop would now score lower on that criterion,” Casule asserts.

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