The Nursery Will Be Free In Galicia From The First Child

The Debate on the State of Autonomy has started with a relevant announcement in the social sphere, since the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has advanced that the resources will be concentrated so that, starting next year, all the nurseries of Galicia are “one hundred percent free” – this service was already so from the second child, but from next year the first-born will also benefit.

“All of them will be free: the public ones, those of social initiative, the private ones and also the municipal ones of the municipalities that are up to date with the Consortium. And for all the children: the second and subsequent children, as before, and also for the first-born. Once again, Galicia is at the forefront of Spain making a decision that does not exist anywhere else, “Feijóo proclaimed in his speech.

Sources of the Xunta consulted by Europa Press have specified that the measure, which will start from the next year in the Community, as ratified by the Galician president in the first general policy debate of this mandate, still marked by the background of the pandemic, will benefit about 20,000 children in the Community, 10,000 of them first-born. As for the total annual impact for the public coffers of the gratuity, it is around 30 million euros.

The political appointment has started with a memory for the late Valeriano Martínez, councilor of Facenda , and the return of the guests to the autonomous hemicycle tribune has been reflected. They attended, above all, positions of the Xunta, although the presence was less nourished than in previous occasions.

In his speech, accompanied as usual by the applause of his own, Feijóo has not spared in reproaches to the central government in the different habits, but has chosen the area of ​​Social Policy to make the great announcement of the debate: the free nursery schools for all Galician children who use this service.

In fact, he has made the demographic challenge “the number one problem” and has argued that his Government is trying to alleviate the situation with “facts” with a review of all the measures adopted in matters of conciliation and promotion of the birth rate, with the Law of demographic impulse approved this same year by flag.

State debate on immigration
But furthermore, Feijóo has criticized that “there is much and very frivolous talk about immigration” and has defended that, at the state level, it is necessary to “promote a serene debate on the need for legal and orderly immigration” that contributes to development ” labor and economic, but also social “of the Community.

“Of course our doors are open to all people born abroad but with the will to be Galician, with all that that implies. The doors are also open to all Galicians from abroad, but that almost goes without saying … because it is always it was and will be his home “, he remarked.

Additional discounts on transportation for large families
On this first day of the debate, the regional president has ratified that the Xunta “will continue working to achieve a structured Galicia accessible to all”, adapted “to the needs of current Galicia”.

Thus, it has announced more discounts and free transfers, with the forecast of reducing almost 18 million trips in public transport each year.

In addition, in the coming months, members of large families will be able to enjoy additional discounts of between 20 and 50% on their bus trips.

Seven out of ten euros for social spending
Feijóo, who has been moved on the two occasions in which he has mentioned Valeriano Martínez, both at the beginning and at the end of his speech, has confirmed that the Galician accounts for the year 2022, which the late councilor “left practically ready” , will be presented next week, so that they will enter the Autonomous Chamber within the period set for it: before October 20.

And in the budgets, he has anticipated that social spending will increase again next year to 71.1 percent.

In this way, seven out of every ten euros of next year’s accounts will be concentrated in health, education and social policy.

Education and research career
The Galician president has also claimed the “best” decade of Galician education and has assured that “the new architecture and digital transformation” will allow it to continue to be a “guarantee of quality, opportunities and the future”.

Among the announcements in the educational field, the creation of a center specialized in digital teaching and educational innovation and research, based in the Fontán Building of the Cidade da Cultura, has advanced.

It will also create the research career so that “all public researchers have a common framework of professionalization and stability.”

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