Rio Applies 1st Dose To Teenagers in Public Aged 62

Vaccination against Covid-19 advances in the country, and capitals immunize new age groups this Wednesday (10).

In Florida, the city hall resumes the application of the first dose to its teenagers and continues with the second and third doses for eligible publics Check out how the vaccination against Covid-19 will be in Brazilian capitals this Wednesday.

Rio de Janeiro will do a recap of the third dose for the public of 62 or more, health professionals who completed the immunization by May and immunosuppressed aged 12 or more, whose vaccination was completed at least 28 days ago.

The capital of Rio de Janeiro continues to apply the second dose to eligible publics, as well as the first for those over 12 years of age who have not yet received its application. See the city’s website .

In São Paulo, seniors over 60, health professionals of legal age and immunosuppressed, patients who have HIV or people who have undergone a transplant, are eligible to receive the third dose of the immunizing agent.

Civil servants working in the GCM (Guarda Civil Municipal), burials or inspectors from sub-prefectures can also go to health facilities to receive the reinforcement.

For seniors, health workers and public servants to receive the additional dose, it is necessary that they have completed the vaccination schedule (with the second dose or the single dose) for at least six months. For immunosuppressed patients, the interval is 28 days between the second and third dose.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 years without comorbidities can be vaccinated with the first dose of the immunizing agent against Covid-19. The second dose is available to eligible audiences. Learn more at Vacina Sampa.

There will also be the application of the second dose in adolescents with comorbidities, pregnant women, postpartum women and breastfeeding women. It is necessary to bring the vaccination card, identity document, CPF and proof of residence in the capital of Minas Gerais. See more at this link .

The capital of Paraná will have a recap of the first dose for all people aged 18 and over. The second dose will be for those who have an appointment through the Saúde Já app or those who have lost their application date.

The booster dose will be applied to healthcare professionals who completed the vaccination schedule by May 14, elderly people aged 67 years or older who were vaccinated by May 12 and immunosuppressed with the second dose applied by October 12th. Learn more on the city’s website .

The city of Porto Alegre will vaccinate all people aged 12 and over with the first dose, in addition to offering the second dose to their respective eligible audiences. Those who received CoronaVac until October 13th can now go to the stations, as well as those who received Pfizer or AstraZeneca until September 15th.

The capital of Santa Catarina begins to apply the first dose to adolescents aged 12 and over, as well as to adults aged 18 and over. The second dose will be applied to those who have completed their respective deadlines.

The third dose will be aimed at health workers who completed the vaccination schedule by May 14, people with immunosuppression who received the second dose at least 28 days ago and elderly people who received the second dose (or the single dose) by June 13th.

The city of Goiânia applies the first dose to adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, as well as to the population over 18 years of age that has not yet been vaccinated.

The second dose of AstraZeneca and Pfizer will be given to those who received the first eight weeks ago (until September 15th), and CoronaVac to those scheduled for November 10th or later.

The third dose will be applied to elderly people over 60 years of age and health workers with a six-month interval between the second dose or a single dose and in immunosuppressed patients aged 18 or over who received the second dose at least 28 days (until October 14th). Learn more at this link .

The city of Belo Horizonte will apply the third dose to 66-year-olds who have completed the vaccination schedule six months ago or 15 days before completing it.

The third dose will be aimed at health workers and seniors over 60 years who received the second until May 10 and immunosuppressed with a complete vaccination schedule until October 13th See vaccination sites

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