Retirement Pensions Charged By Workers Who Have Not Contributed Enough

These people have the non-contributory retirement pension

The objective of a large part of the workers is to accumulate a sufficient contribution period to guarantee access to a retirement pension and subsequently increase it with more years of work, but it is impossible for certain citizens to reach this period for reasons of various kinds . For these people there is also protection when they reach retirement age.

These workers who have contributed enough to have a contributory retirement pension may, however, receive a non-contributory retirement pension . To do this, they must have contributed less than 15 years that guarantee the minimum contributory retirement pension or one with 50% of the regulatory base, according to the Social Security calculation method .

The Imserso, which is in charge of managing these pensions, defines the non-contributory retirement pension as one that “assures all citizens over 65 years of age and in need of an economic benefit, free medical-pharmaceutical assistance and social services. complementary, even if it has not been quoted or has been done insufficiently “.

Requirements to collect the non-contributory retirement pension
Thus, in addition to not reaching 15 years of contributions and reaching 65 years of age, people who wish to collect this pension have to meet other requirements in order to collect it. One of them is to prove residence in Spanish territory and to have lived in our country for at least 10 years since the age of 16, of which two must be “consecutive and immediately prior to the date of the application”, explains the Imserso on its page web .

In parallel, all workers who aspire to a non-contributory retirement pension must not exceed 5,639.20 euros per year , although in cases of coexistence with relatives up to the second degree with consanguinity (parents, grandparents, children, siblings and grandchildren) there are certain income limits :
This is how retirement pensions will be calculated from 2022
This is how retirement pensions will be calculated from 2022

-If you live only with your spouse and / or relatives up to the second degree, the income limit is 9,586.64 euros for two-member family units, 13,534.08 euros per year for three-member units and 17,481.52 euros annually for units of four or more members.

-If there are parents or children among the cohabitants, the limits are higher: 23,966.60 euros per year for family units of two, 33,835.20 euros per year for units of three and 42,703.80 euros per year for units of four people.

The amount of non-contributory retirement pensions
The General State Budgets for 2021 increased the amount of these pensions by 1.8% (double that of the contributory ones), so that for this year the amount of non-contributory retirement pensions has been as follows:

-In general, the pension is 402.80 euros per month and 5,639.20 euros per year.

-The minimum pension of 25% is 100.70 euros per month and 1,409.80 euros per year.

-If there are several beneficiaries in the same family unit, the pension will be 342.38 euros per month and 4,793.32 euros per year for two beneficiaries and 322.24 euros per month and 4,511.36 euros per year for three or more beneficiaries.

How much will non-contributory retirement pensions go up in 2022
In a couple of months, these non-contributory retirement pensions will experience a 3% rise , above the CPI, as predicted by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá. This will leave the amount of pensions in the following amounts:

-The full pension will be 414.86 euros per month and 5,808.04 euros per year.

-The 25% pension will become 103.71 euros per month and 1,452.01 euros per year.

-In cases in which there are several beneficiaries of the same pension in the same family unit, the amount for each one will become 352.64 euros per month and 4,936.96 euros per year for two people and 331.90 euros monthly and 4,646.60 euros per year for three or more people.

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