One Of The Four Detained Had Messi’s Escort

One of the four detained by the Internal Affairs Division (DAI) for belonging to an extortion network is a resident who had worked as an escort for Leo Messi according to been able to know the Diari of the Iberian Press group.

Marc on leave of absence, was arrested on Thursday along with three other agents from the body They are accused of being the alleged perpetrators of crimes of bribery, arbitrary realisation of their own right, robbery with force and disclosure of secrets.

Fortiana is also a former firefighter and has a security company, Double Group which was also registered on Thursday. The ex-fireman and ex-firefighter is a well-known person in the Emporda and the security services company he has is dedicated to “protecting supervips ” among them, the ex-blaugrana footballer.

In fact, the Emporda was in charge of organising and directing the Argentine star’s security device on a trip to Egypt in 2017 through his company Double Group .

“When I was 14 years old I already wanted to be a firefighter And I got it Then I became mosso and joined the special group Arro . An acquaintance told me about this world, in which experienced policemen are needed. I got the title of security director in the University of Girona and I set up my company “, he assured in that same interview.

Nou Barris exhibits figures of success in mental health, The mosso on leave of absence detained by Internal Affairs is known in his town of birth , Llers, to be the voice of a popular act: the singing of the Quina numbers during the Christmas festivities, which brings together hundreds of people every year in the Alt town.

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