Musical Wisdom Great stories that invite us to travel around Catalonia

Musical Wisdom Audiovisual content has the ability to make viewers travel anywhere without having to leave home. According to a Netflix study, the series and movies we watch inspire connections with other cultures. In fact, the members of this platform who have reproduced productions from our country are, on average, 46% more interested in the territory than those who have not seen them.

Catalonia is the set of great stories that inspire us to visit it, discover and exploit the emblematic places that have been the setting for our favorite movies and series. To celebrate International Tourism Day, we invite you to travel through the screen with seven Netflix contents with locations in Catalonia . They are sure to give you good ideas for your next getaway!

Based on the homonymous bestseller by New Yorker Harlan Coben, this thriller starring Mario Casas revolves around an accidental death, which drags the main character through experiences no less than intriguing. After finding love and leaving the past behind to start a new life, the ghosts that had been hiding for so long are reborn and the nightmare returns.

The series has been recorded entirely in Catalonia. In its eight chapters we can see Mario Casas tour the city of Barcelona and also such emblematic places as Girona or Lloret de Mar, known for its hidden coves and its festive atmosphere.

This series, inspired by Barcelona in the 60s, tells the story of Helena, played by Adriana Ugarte, who, in her struggle to survive, conquers Malpica, a dangerous heroin dealer and boss of a mafia gang. Little by little, he rose in the organization until he managed to control the traffic of the most valued drug in the city of Barcelona at that time.

The first of the seasons has Barcelona as the absolute protagonist, where Helena visits the most emblematic points of the city. Likewise, throughout the series we see the characters walking through historic neighborhoods of the Catalan capital, such as the Raval. In addition, the city of Tarragona was also the setting for some of the sequences.

Specifically, throughout the production we can find scenes in the so-called Muelle de Reus, located in the port of Tarragona It is one of the films that have most marked the adolescence of many young Spaniards.

This almost impossible love story, in addition, made known in the media the already established actors Mario Casas and María Valverde. Based on the best seller by the Italian writer Federico Moccia, this film is mostly shot in the city of Barcelona. In his stills we can see scenes that take place in places as recognizable as the Ciutadella park, the Razzmataz nightclub or the beautiful viewpoint

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