Minister of the Federal Supreme Court Died in Accident

The minister of the Federal Supreme Court and reporter for Lava Jato was 68 years old when he suffered a fatal air accident in Paraty on the south coast of RJ, in January 2017. Along with him, there were four other people on board.

The flight left Campo de Marte airport, in the city of São Paulo, at 1:00 pm (Brasilia time). However, the aircraft fell into the sea near Ilha Rasa, off the coast of Paraty. It rained a lot in the fall region.

The tragedy caused consternation in the legal, political and business circles. Teori was the reporter for Lava Jato at the time, and there was speculation that the fall of the twin engine could have been caused by political disagreements – which was not confirmed. Michel Temer, president at the time, made a statement in which he lamented the death of the STF minister and announced official mourning for three days.

After two years of investigation, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office concluded that there was no evidence of crime for the crash of the aircraft and the investigation into the accident was filed.

The Brazilian journalist, anchor and radio announcer has already been present in the main newspapers in the country. Boechat died due to the crash of the helicopter that was taking him from Campinas to São Paulo, after giving a lecture in the interior city of São Paulo, in February 2019.

The aircraft crashed on the Anhanguera Highway, hitting the front of a truck traveling along the road. In addition to Boechat, pilot Ronaldo Quattrucci also died in the accident.

According to the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), the main reason, among many, was the lack of aircraft maintenance and lack of flight discipline.

In addition, the 65-page report points out that the aircraft’s compressor was last changed in 1988 and that the parts were expired. The report also says that the oil distribution pipe was clogged and that the oil change, which should have been carried out every year, went as far as three years without being done.

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