Final Watch Mediated With Casado on October 12

About everything to do with his current situation, Paris Saint-Germain, arguing with Neymar and the arrival of Lionel Messi in France. “I asked to leave in July,” he confirmed again, having told RAC1 the same on Monday about his desire to join Real Madrid.

For the arrival of Messi was a big surprise. “I never imagined him coming here,” he said. “He’s one of the few players I thought would be impossible to play alongside. For me, he was never going to leave Barcelona. I savour every moment with him. We should never forget that it’s still a privilege.”

On playing with Messi, he added: “There’s no problem, the hierarchy is established. I am happy to run when Messi’s walking, there’s no problem. It’s Messi!”

Messi’s arrival means Mbappe has to play slightly differently: “I have always said that I wanted to play with great players and that’s the case this year. When you play with great players, you have to make concessions. Now you’re not the only great player. It’s not just you, it’s you and the rest.”

“Messi is someone that loves football. He speaks with everyone, tried to fit in in his way, although he’s a little shy. But on the pitch, he’s not shy. With Neymar, it was similar when he arrived. But Messi is something else. It is incredible to think that the only other shirt he will wear, in addition to Barcelona, is PSG’s.”

On his argument with Neymar the other day, he confirmed his anger with the Brazilian. “Yes, yes, I said it. Now, these things happen all the time in football. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Straight after, given the repercussion it had, I spoke with him.

“We exchanged a lot of words like this in the past and will continue to do so, because we want to win, but there doesn’t have to be any resentment. There’s none because I respect the player and the man and I admire what he is. I wasn’t happy with a pass, but it was me another time. I didn’t pass and he wasn’t happy. But there’s no problem.”

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