Ertzaintza Established Strong Access Of Mobile Brigade

At the time of the incident, the campus sirens sounded and the students of this Faculty and the neighboring ones of Medicine and Nursing have been evicted from the classes in order.

while the Ertzaintza established a strong police cordon on the perimeter and prevented access to the interior to both public transport buses and private vehicles.

Sources from the Basque Department of Security have indicated that as soon as the shooting took place, they have deployed on the Leioa campus members of the Mobile Brigade.

The Explosives Unit, the Surveillance and Rescue Unit, Citizen Protection patrols, the Intervention Unit of the Ertzaintza, the corps helicopter and two ambulances.

After an exhaustive review of the facilities of the Faculty of Science and Technology and the adjacent Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, the Ertzaintza has located in Vía Julia of the same campus the alleged perpetrator of the shots.

Who was arrested at 7:30 p.m. in the Arboretum area. Faced with these “serious incidents”, the University has proceeded in an orderly manner to evacuate the two faculties.

After resolving the incident with the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the shots, the Basque Government has sent a message of tranquility to the affected people and their families and has declared the end of the risk situation on the university campus.

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