DGT Does Not Forgive Cyclists, These Are The Most Frequent Fines

The amount of the fines depends on the seriousness of the offense

Riding a bicycle has always been associated with spending a quiet and pleasant time of leisure, but the truth is that, in those cases in which it is used as a method of transport, the citizen must know that he has to respect the traffic regulations like everything else. son of a neighbor and that, if he does not do so, he will have to pay the stipulated fines.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has reported on its website the fines that are contemplated for cyclists in case they violate the traffic code and safety regulations. These fines can reach, in the worst case, even 1,000 euros.

Fines of up to 100 euros
The less substantial fines are up to 100 euros. For this amount, cyclists who carry people over 7 years of age or who incorrectly carry (in an approved chair) a minor are penalized.

For this amount, cyclists who circulate on the sidewalk or pedestrian areas are also fined and those who, doing it in a group, do not do it in accordance with the regulations (in disorder and not in columns of at most two and always in the right profile of the road, with the relevant safety distance from the curb or parked vehicles).

On the road, cyclists who circulate without order will be fined 100 euros (two in parallel are allowed except in areas of low visibility where they have to go single file). In addition, not having the reflective vest carries a slightly lower fine of 80 euros.

Fines of up to 200 euros
This group includes driving while using a mobile phone or with headphones, as well as not turning on the lights at night, in tunnels or in interior passages. Also when pedestrians are not given priority in crossings or intersections.

This group includes fines for dangerously joining a road, not signaling maneuvers to other drivers (turns, direction changes or lane changes …), crossing a pedestrian crossing without getting off the bike or not using The helmet in children under 16 in the city and always on the road. In addition, there is a fine of 200 euros to occupy the road incorrectly when you can drive on the shoulder.

Fines of up to 500 and 1,000 euros
After these sanctions, two in particular take the cake in terms of their amount. They are as follows:

– Failure to respect vertical traffic signs (stop, speed limits, give way) as well as traffic lights constitutes infractions that carry a fine of 150 to 500 euros.

– Exceeding the alcohol level (0.5 g / l of alcohol in blood or alcohol in expired air greater than 0.25 milligrams per liter) carries fines of between 500 and 1,000 euros that will depend on the rate and the recidivism of the cyclist.

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