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Customers in Vietnam receive the first electric cars from VinFast

The Vietnamese automaker VinFast has begun delivering the VF-34, its first battery-electric SUV, to consumers in its local market. In Asia, the company already sells a comprehensive range of conventional vehicles. The VF-34 is not a car that the manufacturer intends to sell in other countries, particularly in Europe and the United States. The VF-34 is classified as a C-segment vehicle. The VF-35, a D segment automobile, and the VF-36, a bigger E segment car around the size of the Volkswagen Atlas, will be available for export.

What’s most intriguing about this isn’t the VF-34 itself, but the company’s unique battery rental business? Clients can be able to drive up to a maximum of 500 kilometers for a monthly subscription charge of 26 euros ($30.00). The cost of additional kilometers is 0.04 euros per kilometer. Here’s the thing about that arrangement: it’s stunning. VinFast will change the battery at its expense if it diminishes to the level where its capacity is less than 70% of its original capacity. The battery rental is completely free during the first year for the first 25,000 customers. According to Electrive, the monthly rates will be increased every year on September 1st depending on current power and gasoline prices.

VinFast also has its electric vehicle charging network, where users pay €0.10 per kWh to recharge their batteries. Drivers get 30 minutes to disconnect after the battery has fully charged, after which they will be charged €0.04 per minute. The costs of charging are included in the battery rental.

When it starts selling cars in Europe and America, the company has not said whether it is going to offer charging services and battery rentals. One of the most common concerns among potential electric car buyers is that the battery is going to die after several years and that replacing it will be prohibitively expensive. Anything a company can do to alleviate these fears will result in increased sales.

In 2022, VinFast plans to start producing and selling automobiles in the United States. As far as we know, no work on a factory has started, so those plans could be a little ambitious. However, electric vehicles from Asia will undoubtedly arrive on American shores in the not-too-distant future. We had assumed that Chinese firms would lead the charge, however, VinFast may be the first with the most. Stranger things have occurred in the past.

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