Arrested a young man who has broken his campus

The Ertzaintza has arrested a young man who has broken into the campus of the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV) in Leioa (Vizcaya), and has started shooting. The detainee is 21 years old, a native of Andoain (Guipúzcoa) and, according to the first investigations, he is not a student at the university.

The young man was already unarmed when he was arrested on the same university campus, and has been accused of a crime of threats and damage with firearms, as reported by the Ertzaintza.

The Basque Police were alerted minutes before seven in the afternoon that a person armed with a shotgun was firing at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology.

Shortly afterwards, the alleged perpetrator was located and detained outside the building, who will be brought to justice when the police proceedings are completed. The shotgun has been located in the vicinity of the place.

Eyewitnesses of the event have indicated that the now detained has arrived at the aforementioned Faculty after 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday. investigation. Images captured by the students and distributed on social networks allow us to observe four impacts on the aforementioned windows that have caused large holes, and one of the cartridges struck and collected by the Ertzaintza in the place, 12 and 28 grams caliber, used for the clay pigeon practice.

UPV / EHU sources, for their part, have pointed out that they would also have fired at the canopies of the Bizkaibus buses that stop on campus, causing nothing more than material damage.

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