Ana Rosa and Esther Palomera clash over budgets

The new General State Budgets have again provoked controversy over the regionalized items for each Autonomous Community. The Community of Madrid has accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez of penalizing the region chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso to favor others such as Catalonia.

Today ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ has spoken of this approval and Ana Rosa has shown her clear support for the Popular Party.

However, Esther Palomera , present at the political table of the magazine, has tried to explain that there is no political criterion in these budgets One thing is investment territorialized by autonomous communities, where it is unquestionable that Catalonia benefits from Madrid, but also Galicia, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y León, which are of different political signs.

“Those who decrease in this investment are Navarra, the Balearic Islands, with a socialist government, Extremadura, also with a socialist government, the Basque Country that are partners.

I am talking about territorialized investment ,” argued Palomera, to which the presenter interrupted: ” Don’t mess with me, grab any economic newspaper and look at the little map of the investments they are going to make. ”

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Eduardo Inda then joined the presenter: “What are not accounts in life are stories; Madrid is going to receive 1,200 million euros in the Budgets and Catalonia 2,500 million, that is more than double.” However, Inda has overlooked that the central government benefited Madrid with 16,000 million euros from the Covid fund.

Palomera has tried to explain this matter, however the voices began to pile up on the set. “Well, nothing, Madrid is the great loser of the Budgets”, has sarcastically expressed the collaborator, who was again with the answer of an angry Ana Rosa.

“Well yes! Well yes! Discriminated!”. “Yes? Discrimination? Discrimination against Madrilenians?” Palomera expressed astonished. “Yes ma’am, well yes, Andalusians and Extremadura too … Members are being favored,” added Ana Rosa.

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