40 Mansions Bets Can Be Placed From This Tuesday

Players who will try their luck to enter 2022 millionaires can place their bets for the MegaSena da Virada starting this Tuesday 16, This year the estimated prize for the lottery special contest number 2440 is R 350 million The draw takes place on December 31st.

Each set of six numbers costs R450 The more numbers scored the higher the price of the bet and the greater the chances of winning the most coveted prize in the country Bets must be placed with a specific Mega da Virada steering wheel at any lottery via the Loterias Caixa app available for iOS and Android or via the Loterias Caixa portal.

As in other special MegaSena contests Mega da Viradas main prize does not accumulate If no one manages to match the six numbers drawn the prize will be divided between all those who hit the corner.

If only one winner takes the Mega da Virada prize and invests all the money in savings he will receive more than R15 million in income every month The hefty sum is also enough to buy 40 mansions worth R875 million each.

To compete for the prize all you have to do is go to a lottery shop and mark six to 15 numbers on the ticket allowing the system to choose the numbers compete with the same bet for two four or eight consecutive contests.

The player can also increase the chances of winning by purchasing the jackpots that are sold at lotteries At MegaSena the jackpots have a minimum price of R 10 However each share cannot be less than R5 It is possible to make a jackpot of at least two and a maximum of one hundred shares.

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