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Wedlock’s: Never more vulnerable than when you’ve just scored

The prospect of sitting in a meeting listening to a debate on a planning application to demolish Wedlock’s Pub was not enthralling. True, the planning officers had recommended refusal of the developer’s application, but how heartening it was to witness the depth of feeling as councillors spoke up in favour of keeping the ‘landmark building’ and questioned the proposed change of use from pub to flats.

The chairperson was moved to address the developer sitting at the back, urging him to take note of the overwhelming view of the officers and councillors and resubmit plans retaining the present building. The application was refused unanimously—no abstentions.

I am sure the unanimity of the councillors’ decision was due at least in part because of the overwhelming support among the Bristol public for to Save Wedlock’s; a campaign that involved many local people and organisations in Southville that the Trust was proud to be a part of.
The Supporters Trust would like to thank everyone involved in the Save Wedlock’s campaign, even if it was ‘only’ to sign the petition. The councillors’ decision on Wedlock’s shows just what can be achieved when ordinary people get organised and are committed to a cause.

Billy Wedlock played for Bristol City over a 21-year period, with one break. He lived and worked in Wedlock’s for 43 years, making for a total of 64 years in contact with City fans. This is the heritage we want to protect. Disappointingly, English Heritage have decided not to make Wedlock’s a listed building, which means that despite the council’s decision the owner can legally go ahead and demolish the building at any time without prior consent.

The campaign goes on…

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