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Save Wedlock’s – A battle sadly lost

In 2007, a local developer submitted a planning application to demolish the Wedlock’s pub and build a block of flats in its place. As was well reported in the media at the time, the community, led by Bristol City Supporters Trust, came together to oppose the proposed plans.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of all involved, the building, which has such close links to Bristol City and one of its greatest ever players, was demolished by the developer in May/June 2009.

Failure to stop the Wedlock's demolition was, however, not for the want of trying.  Details of why and how we opposed the planning application can be found here:

Keeping Wedlock's - all you need to know

The Wedlock's - currently unused

Our aim was simply to do what we could to help save this famous old pub from demolition. Together we:

  • Wrote objection letters to the City Council’s Planning Department
  • Started a petition
  • Compiled historical information on the pub
  • Applied to English Heritage for listed status
  • Applied for Blue Plaque consideration
  • Generated publicity

Some of the objections raised to the planning application included:

  • Change of use/community value
  • Character and history of building
  • Over intensive development
  • Design style not in keeping with local surroundings
  • Parking/increased traffic
  • Lack of provision of affordable housing

Partly due to the levels of objection expressed within the community, the Council Planning Department took the step of forwarding the case to a special Committee made up of local councillors. To our relief, the Committee took the decision to reject the planning application.
The developer subsequently submitted a new application. This can be viewed here:

Developer's application

Despite further objections, this was ultimately accepted and many months later, shortly after the end of the 2008/09 season, The Wedlock's was sadly demolished.

Related link:

Council record of statements / petitions (April 2007)

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