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The deadline for completing this form has now passed. A key feature of all Trusts is that they are run by their members for their members.

Elections are crucial to maintaining the democracy of Supporters Trusts. The democratic aspect of a Trust is one of its key characteristics and BCST will be following Supporters Direct best practice in order to ensure that:

  • Elections are free and fair 
  • Election administration is non-partisan and neutral 
  • The election serves members 
  • The election process is transparent and seen to be so

This year the positions up for grabs are Chairman, Treasurer and three board member positions. Anyone interested in running for a position must be a member of the Trust and the working group will give every assistance to prospective candidates.

Even if you're not interested in standing for a place on the board, or are not currently a Trust member please take an interest in these elections. This is your Trust and elected individuals will be representing your interests.

The files below are all PDF files, either click to view or right click and choose the appropriate option to save them to your PC. If you would like the documents in any other format please let us know.

Election Forms and Information

Please find below all documents relating to the administration of Bristol City Supporters Trust Elections and a few pieces of other useful information. If you have any questions during the election period please direct them to the Election Working Group via the Trust. If you have any questions at any other time then please contact the Trust secretary.

Board Membership Policy
This document contains all the rules governing Society Trust Board Members. The document is split into the following areas. Membership of the board; Conduct of Society Board Members; Confidentiality and Collective Responsibility; Limitations and Conflicts of Interest; and Disciplinary Matters.

Board Roles
This contains a brief overview of the nature and duties expected of each of the ten elected positions on the Society Trust Board and also the Company Secretary.

Election Rules
This document contains the rules governing the Trusts elections. These are designed to ensure the elections are run in accordance with Supporters Direct best practice. Sections cover; Election Control; Eligibility and Nomination; Election Rules; and Manifestos and Campaigning.

AGM and Elections Annual Process
This document gives a brief overview of the key milestones the Trust must meet in running the elections and holding the AGM. Planning for the AGM and elections should commence four months before the AGM us due to be held.

Illustration of Single Transferable Voting System
Society Trust Board members will be elected using the Single Transferable Voting System rather than First Past The Post which is used for parliamentary elections. This document details the reason why and also how the voting system works.

Best Practice
Information regarding Supporters Direct best practice for Elections.

Nomination Form
This form must be completed by anyone wishing to stand for election to the Trust Board.

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